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2-CD SET .WAV Remastered 45th Anniversary Edition

The Collector's Soundtrack- Historic weekend w/John Lennon


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NEW!  45th Anniversary Collector's Edition From Banana Joe Montione's personal air-check collection, the amazing weekend when John Lennon helped the small charities of Philadelphia by co-anchoring the fundraiser with WFIL DJ Banana Joe Montione, May 16-18, 1975.  These incredible recordings are a must-have for any Beatles-Lennon fan or anyone that wants to hear what amazing AM radio sounded like during its "Glory Days".  Available for a limited time for $19.75 with FREE SHIPPING to USA. ONLY!  2-CD set in .wav HD Audio.

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Experience Matters: "Banana" Joe Montione

Banana Joe Montione has been entertaining radio audiences for decades.  Joe has also been a successful Program Director, and programming consultant to some of the biggest broadcasters.  Now, the new Flashback Top 40 format becomes one of the first to migrate back to radio from the Internet.  

Our FT40 promise to have "No Boundaries" rings through every day, 24/7 as Flashback Top 40 Radio features the Hottest Hits from the Pop, Rock, Dance and Urban-R&B genres.  Combining the winning high-profile presentation of great Top 40 stations who ruled the airwaves during the eras we cover, Flashback Top 40 blends the best music from four decades, creating a fun mix of over 1500 songs expertly programmed to entertain our listeners, and deliver the bulk of our audience in the coveted 25-54 adult demographic, which delivers an active foreground core to our advertising and affiliate station partner


100% Human-Curated Hits !

The job of blending eras, sonic signatures and 4 genres of music s best handled by real people.  That's who puts together each hour of Flashback 40 Radio.  100% Human-Curated !  "Banana" Joe Montione  has been entertaining radio audiences for over 30 years at such legendary stations as Y-100/Miami, WFIL/Philadelphia, KTXQ/Dallas, CHUM/Toronto and KHJ, KIIS-FM, and K-EARTH in Los Angeles.  Now, Banana Joe brings his mix of The Hottest Hits of All Time to the Internet with FLASHBACK40.com, direct from Hollywood!  FLASHBACK40.com is "Retro Top-40" Radio with NO BOUNDARIES, POP, ROCK, R&B and DANCE, it's all here, literally thousands of songs.  You'll hear your favorite Top-40 hits from the last 40 years,  24/7 and WORLDWIDE, on FLASHBACK40.com! 


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FT40 features full local customization or available via 100% Live feed from Hollywood.  It's your choice.

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